AmCham Israel Sustainability Forum members came back from four exciting days at the Midburn Di-Corona event at the Sea of ​​Galilee. Midburn is the Israeli version of the U.S. Burning-Man. As part of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" camp (שומרות הגלקסיה), we built exhibits for Midburn under the theme of sustainability, recycling, and circular economy. A large portion of the exhibits came from recycling of a Boeing 777 we received from the Israeli Aerospace Industry (IAI), one of the members of the Circular Economy and Sustainability Forum. Recycling the aircraft was the challenge they posted on the forum's Innovation Platform. This year, the Chamber and the companies in the forum promote sustainability in 7 parallel tracks that deal with the circular economy, climate and the environment, as well as through the participation in the Midburn events, which are based on principles of sustainability, sharing, recycling, giving, and respect for humans and the environment.Many thanks go to Alon Barnea, a  Chamber's Board member who initiated and made all the connections and to the amazing Erez for his endless creativity.

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